Walk & Wade

Walk & Wade

Walk along the shoreline of Southern Ontario’s river and streams with an expert local guide.

Rivers that we offer walk and wade tours on include: Bronte River, Credit River, Grand River, Saugeen River, Big Creek and others. Some walk and wade tours can be offered right in the GTA! Walk and Wade adventures are offered primarily during the spring, fall and winter months when migratory species of salmon and trout make their way up tributaries of the great lakes.

We have knowledgeable steelhead and salmon anglers on the BAER roster who will talk with our guests and make a game plan based on river conditions and the preference of our clients.

We can offer walk and wade tours using spinning tackle, as well as center pin / float fishing equipment. It is important to specify which genres of fishing you are interested when planning these trips with your guide.

BEAR guides will teach you all they can during their time with you. Fishing for salmon and steelhead can be very challenging, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Hooking and landing these fish on light tackle is truly an amazing experience.

Be prepared to walk along sometimes-treacherous terrain including rocks, logs, flowing river and other obstacles. Be prepared for an adventure!

Dressing appropriately for the weather conditions will ensure you keep warm and comfortable. These trips are 4-5 hours in length and include all equipment needed.  If you have your own chest waders or steelhead fishing equipment, feel free to bring it along.