Hobie Kayak

Hobie Kayak

Hobie kayaks have revolutionized the sport of kayak fishing.

The patented “mirage drive” system allows anglers to propel themselves forward and reverse (as of 2017), while keeping both hands free for fishing. Using your feet you will propel yourselves along the water in search of the target fish species of the day.

BAER chooses Hobie fishing kayaks for all of our open water fishing adventures because they are the best. We feel that there is no other option when fishing in bigger bodies of water. We can cover water and get to the fishing spots faster than any conventional kayak. Our Pro Angler Kayaks are extremely stable and easy for people new to kayaking to operate. Our Pro Angler kayaks are so stable, that people with average balance can feel comfortable standing up on calmer days. Standing up is a huge advantage when sight fishing or target casting.

We have 5 Pro Angler kayaks and 1 Tandem Oasis kayak in our Hobie Fleet.

We are proudly partnered with Fogh Marine in Toronto for all of our Hobie kayak needs. Fogh Marine has the best selection of Hobie kayaks and the most knowledgeable staff in Ontario. To purchase a Hobie kayak, Call or visit Fogh Marine.

Purchase any Hobie kayak within 30 days of your BAER Fishing Adventure, and receive $100.00 off.  Proof required for BAER Adventure (receipt) and is non-transferable.  Only applies to person purchasing the kayak


Hobie Kayak Fishing

We offer Hobie Kayak Tours on Long Point Bay, Waterford Ponds and Deer Creek Conservation area regularly, but also offer specialty guided adventures on different bodies of water upon request.

Hobie kayak tour (no fishing)

$99/ adult & youth

½ Day Hobie Kayak Adventures (5hrs)

$179/ adult
$125/ youth (must be accompanied by an adult)
Private tours (1 person only) are $250 weekday, $300 weekend


Sunset kayak Fishing Adventures (3+ hrs)

$125/ adult
$99/ youth (must be accompanied by an adult)
Private tours (1 person only) are $200 weekday, $250 weekend