Barna Robinson


Barna has been fishing his entire life. Fishing has been his favourite activity since a very young age. So much so, that he decided to turn his passion into a business and start BAER Fishing Adventures.

Barna’s home waters are Long Point Bay of Lake Erie, but guides tours on all water bodies offered by BAER Fishing Adventures in Ontario.

Barna is a lover of contact sports such as Hockey, Lacrosse, Rugby, Football and more, but admits to being a horrible sports fan. This is because he spends too much time on the water.

Barna enjoys learning new tactics and fishing new bodies of water as much as possible.

Barna holds all the necessary training to operate all vessels within the BEAR fleet. These include: SVOP, MED-A3, Restricted Radio, First Aid, Common sense & on water experience.

Robert Maerz

Manager & Lead Guide

Bobby was the first BAER Guide to join the team and has 5 years of guiding successful fishing tours under his belt.

Starting in 2020, Bobby has taken over the role of Manager and Lead guide. Our guests can expect to be in contact with Bobby from booking, to returning to shore after a great day on the water.

Although Bobby is the youngest BAER team member, he has put many, many hours into learning the waters of Long Point Bay, Deer Creek, Waterford ponds and other Southern Ontario fishing locations offered by BAER Fishing Adventures.

Bobby has been fishing his entire life on his home waters of Long Point Bay, Waterford Ponds and Deer Creek. He is a Norfolk County resident.

Cole Mabee

Coles is a Norfolk County Resident and a local fishing freak who is very familiar with the local hot spots. Cole is proficient with conventional fishing equipment and tactics, but also loves to use centrepin and fly fishing equipment when the conditions are right.

Cole is an adventure seeker and prefers the intimacy of small creek fishing in southern Ontario.

Cole is a natural leader and teacher. He currently coaches wrestling to students at DDSS and is involved in many community sporting activities. These coaching skills translate very well into our learn to fish program.

Adam Van Paassen

Adam is very important part of the BAER team. He has many important roles including maintenance manager, safety enthusiast as well as being a guide.

Adam is the site manager at Long Point Eco-Adventures and helps make sure our operations on Lake Erie and surrounding area go as smoothly as possible.

Adam is a super fun guide who has great fishing knowledge, but also is entertainment in himself. Lots of laughs and fish stories are guaranteed when Adam is your guide.

Costa Rica team

The guiding team in Costa Rica is a very strong team dedicated to enjoying nature as much as possible. They love to show people from all around the world this magic place in the southern peninsula de Nicoya. Their idea of kayak fishing is to find the way to do what they love (fishing) with the most ecological techniques possible. When paddling, people will enjoy wildlife without noisy engines around, this makes kayaking the best way to share this beautiful place with turtles, birds and fish.