Lake Erie


Lake Erie’s Long Point Bay is a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve !
The inner bay ranges in depths from 2-10′, and warms up early in the spring creating ideal spawning grounds for Lake Erie’s warm water species such as Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Gar Pike, Perch, Carp, Crappy and all kinds of other creatures.

Starting in early May, we offer guided Northern Pike, Gar Pike, Carp and panfish adventures on Hobie Pro Angler Kayaks, Rabolo 22.6 Caymen and Blue’s Bass Boat.

During this time of year, the Long Point Bay is full of life!  You will see large numbers of carp crashing along the kilometers of weedy shoreline.  The carp will always deliver a show, whether you are targeting them or not.   Carp put up an amazing fight and are a ton of fun to catch.

Longnose Gar Pike are one of our favourite species to target during the spring. We can sight fish for these prehistoric fish often using custom made baits or flys. Gar pike are the ultimate species for fly fisherman. Calling all fly anglers who want a new and exciting species to target with the fly! We do not provide fly fishing equipment!

Northern Pike are here in decent numbers as well and can be caught using a variety of methods. Fishing for Northern Pike is best in the spring and fall months.

Like all the other warm water species that congregate in the warm, incubated waters of Long Point Bay each spring, panfish show up to do their spawning. The warm, shallow waters attract perch, crappy, pumpkinseed and rock bass. This combination makes for a lot of fun. Especially with youngsters!

Once Bass season starts, its game on! Our smallmouth and largemouth fishery on Long Point Bay is truly awesome. Although weather on this great lake does create challenges, it also pays huge rewards. Bass opening weekend through the end of July is when we see the hottest action. BAER guides chase Bass and other species from Long Point Bay to Dunville where the Grand River flows into Lake Erie. We do our very best to give our guests the best fishing adventure possible.