Grand River

The Grand River is truly beautiful. Whether you choose to fish in late April for steelhead, all summer for smallmouth bass or the fall for a swing at a grand slam species day, you will take in some truly awesome sights.

The historic river twists and turns for 280 kms. Its source is near Dundalk, ON and it flows out into Lake Erie near the town of Dunville at Port Maitland. The Grand River is the largest river in Ontario whose span is entirely within the provinces boarders. The Grand is 50-75 meters wide and is a “dendritic” river, meaning it is shaped like a tree, with the Grand River as the tree trunk and many branches or tributaries that join it along the way. Some of these tributaries are major rivers in their own right. These include the Conestogo River that joins the Grand above Waterloo and the Eramosa River that joins the Speed River near Guelph, which joins the Grand in Cambridge

While floating down this river from the seat of the drift boat or kayak, you will see many species of plants and animals. Keep an eye out for Whitetail Deer, Bald Eagles, Hawks, Racoons, Blue Herons, Canada Geese, turtles and so much more. Wildlife is around each bend.

BAER guides focus their efforts on stretches from Cambridge, ON to Dunville Ontario. These stretches of the river are dominated by Smallmouth Bass, but “Grand Slam” days where catching preferred species such as Trout, Northern Pike, Walleye, Catfish and more are always possible.  Major pools on the Grand River can hold all species of fish.  During Spring and Fall we target Steelhead (Rainbow trout) and in Summer we target Smallmouth Bass. Every cast has the potential to hook into one of the many Grand Rivers species.

Things to bring:
• Valid fishing license ( Purchase your license here)
• Fishing gear (optional)
• Warmer clothes that you may need
• Water shoes
• Sunscreen/lip balm sun screen
• Towel
• Waterproof camera
• Polarized sunglasses with floating head strap
• Full brimmed hat with straps
• Long-sleeved shirts and light pants
• Snacks

Fishing The Grand River

Guided Drift Boat or Kayak Fishing Adventures on the Grand River are approx. 5-6 hours and include your guide, lunch, shuttle, fishing & safety equipment.

Guided Drift Boat Adventures run June, through September and are $399 + HST for 2 people or $299 for a private trip.

Spring and Fall steelhead trips are $450 +HST for 2 people or $299 for a private trip

We also have access to 2 additional drift rafts for a total of 6 anglers. This includes 3 BAER guides and 3 separate fishing vessels.

Guided River Kayak Fishing Adventures – these trips are $379 per 2-person group.  Single person trips are $299

River kayak trips run June through September.

Grand River “Walk and Wade” – these trips run from trout opener until Dec. 31st. Your expert BAER guide will guide you along the Grand River on foot. Proper footwear and clothing are important. We do have a few pairs of chest waders available for the colder months, but we cannot promise we will have your specific size. During warmer months we will wade into the river in shorts and water shoes in search of smallmouth bass and other species.

Learn to fish in the Grand River – We can teach you all the basics of conventional fishing or drift fishing for steelhead on the Grand River.


Local Fishing Regulatory Info can be found here

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