Credit & Bronte Rivers

The Credit & Bronte Rivers are located right in the GTA and boast great numbers of Salmon and Steelhead during their annual migrations.


The Credit River flows into Lake Ontario at the town of Port Credit, ON. Bronte flows into Lake Ontario at the city of Oakville

Starting in September, we will start to see good numbers of huge Chinook Salmon over 30lbs run up these rivers. This makes for some very exciting angling opportunities.

As the weather cools and the salmon die off, the steelhead start to show up. We offer tours on the Credit & Bronte throughout the winter and into the spring.

Your guides will meet you at a pre determined meeting point and walk with you and teach you the tactics used to catch these fish. Hiking along sometimes-treacherous terrain, through water and over tree limbs may be involved in these tours. Your guides will take into account your fitness level and angling experience to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time along the river.

BAER Guides are proficient in both spinning and center pin genres of fishing. When you book your tour, be specific in the style of equipment you would like to use.